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Wearingeul Soyoungwije (30ml) Bottled Ink (Glistening)

Wearingeul Soyoungwije (30ml) Bottled Ink (Glistening)

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Wearingeul inks are suitable for writing and drawing with fountain pens, dip pens, glass pens and other various ink pens. These inks have great shading, sheening effect, flow and visibility. Both beginners and experts of ink writing/drawing can use Wearingeul inks without difficulties.

Soyoungwije ink is filled with silver glitter on dark purple base showing dark brown sheen. It represents spattering moon light in violet night sky.

  • Product size 41x41x52mm (1.61x1.61x2.05in)
  • Capacity 30ml
  • Made In Korea