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Montblanc Olympic Heritage Paris Fountain Pen - Precious Resin (LeGrand) (Special Edition)

Montblanc Olympic Heritage Paris Fountain Pen - Precious Resin (LeGrand) (Special Edition)

In celebration of the Meisterstück centenary in 2024, Montblanc pays tribute to the origins of the iconic writing instrument in a collection inspired by the spirit of the Olympic Games Paris 1924. By a stroke of luck, 1924 marks, for the brand, the launch of the writing instrument that became one of its most coveted masterpieces, and, in that same year, the Olympic Summer Games were held in Paris. At their core, both Montblanc and the Olympic Games Paris 1924 embody with master craftsmen and sporting heroes the pursuit of the best possible human achievement. This Special Edition in precious resin with a warm shade of red – the official red colour of the Paris 1924 Games – features a handcrafted solid Au585 / 14k gold nib embellished with a javelin thrower – a nod to a vintage Olympic poster of that year. The Olympic Rings are part of the Olympic Heritage logo engraved on the cap top ring, with an encircling wreath of leaves, reminiscent of those presented as the highest accolade to victors at the Olympic Games of Antiquity. The cap itself is engraved with the words “Olympic Games Paris 1924” within a frame inspired by the cover of the official Games report. The anniversary cap ring bears both 1924 and 2024 symbolizing the importance of both years. Crowning the edition is the Montblanc emblem on the cap top embedded in precious coral-coloured resin, signature color of Montblanc. International Olympic Committee – All Rights Reserved

  • Clip: Gold-coated clip
  • Barrel: Red precious resin
  • Cap: Red precious resin
  • Color: Red
  • Dimensions: 5.74 x 0.61 inches
  • Physical Weight: 30.54 g

Ident. No. 131358 | 131359

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