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Wearingeul Ink Swatch Card - Horizontal

Wearingeul Ink Swatch Card - Horizontal

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For Quality Writing

So that even a single line of writing can be included in its entirety. ‘Jaquere’ is a stationery brand that aims to provide a better writing experience through ‘Quality Writing’.

What is ‘Quality Writing’? 

Although handwriting isn’t as common as before as we use digital means to write, there are times when we have to hold a pen and write on paper.  ‘Quality Writing’ refers to a cultural trend that focuses on a better writing experience, treasuring those moments that are remaining. Jaquere hopes to stand by the Quality Writing trend in which people buy tools that suit one’s writing environment and culture and want to keep and store the analog sentiment as it is.

  • Ink Color Chart Card (100 Sheets)
  • You can chart ink colors in a card size paper.