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Waterman Serenity Blue Bottled Ink (50ml)

Waterman Serenity Blue Bottled Ink (50ml)

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Waterman liquid bottled ink is ideal for use with Waterman fountain pens. The premium, high-quality fountain pen ink flows across the page to produce intense, bold lines. Experience the satisfying ritual of filling your pen from a bottle and placing your thoughts on paper with the authenticity of liquid ink.

  • Serenity Blue - calm your thoughts with this peaceful hue.  Like the tranquil echo of a dream, Serenity Blue brings a peacefulness to the page, ready to awaken pleasant thoughts.
  • Liquid ink produces intense lines to make your mark
  • High-quality formula for superior performance and writing comfort
  • Faceted 50ml glass bottle has screw-top closure for convenience and ease of use
  • Compatible with all Waterman fountain pens

Ink Color: Serenity Blue