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Visconti Divina Ballpoint - Matte Bordeaux

Visconti Divina Ballpoint - Matte Bordeaux

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A stunning addition to the Divina collection that stays true to Visconti's heritage. The Visconti Divina is more than just a pen, it is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship that draws inspiration from the Italian Renaissance and the golden ratio. This sophisticated collection features a deep Bordeaux resin color accented by rich rose gold trims.

The collection is designed following the rules of the Golden-Ratio where the cap is 0.618 of the entire length of the pen itself. The pen has a pentagonal shape that symbolizes the harmony of the four elements which give birth to the Divine fifth element, and a spiral body that reflects the natural beauty of mathematical patterns such as those found in the nautilus shell. Its The charming matte Bordeaux color gives this pen a seductive air, delicately balanced by the rose gold trim details that add a touch of sophistication. The Visconti Divina is a pen that will make you feel like a true artist with its smooth and elegant writing experience and exquisite, rich red color.

Available in oversize fountain pen, oversize rollerball and ballpoint.