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TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen - Dark Sapphire

TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen - Dark Sapphire

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Adorned with a dark blue cap with silver accents this pen is made for the beginner who just wants to try out fountain pens, all the way to the experts. A good everyday worker.

TWSBI ECO fountain pens have stainless steel nibs and use a piston filling system. The barrels are clear so you can see the amount of ink and the cap includes an inner cap that provides a perfect seal when the pen is not in use.

Note: Please take care if removing/adding the nib as it is very fragile.

How to Choose a Nib Size:

  • If you write small, go with Extra-Fine
  • For everyday use, Fine is a great choice
  • If you tend to write on the larger size, Medium is perfect and does provide a smoother ink flow
  • Bold is for statements - Sign a check, write a header or show off your shimmering/sheening ink
  • Stub nibs are used for an italic/calligraphy writing style with the down strokes being wide and the side strokes thin.

*Orders begin shipping March 6