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TWSBI Diamond Mini Fountain Pen - Grape

TWSBI Diamond Mini Fountain Pen - Grape

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 TWSBI Diamond Mini Grape Fountain Pen. Transparent crystal-clear diamond-faceted barrel reveals the filling mechanism, a built-in piston-filler with a very smooth action, while also allowing an uninterrupted view of the ink level and color. TWSBI logo nicely finishes the top of the pen's cap. Rubber o-ring on cap thread ensures an airtight seal to prevent ink drying out in the pen, while also ensuring that the cap is firmly attached when not in use. 

  • The end of the barrel is threaded to allow secure posting of the cap on the back of the pen.
  • Polished steel nib engraved with TWSBI logo and branding, available in a wide range of nib sizes: fine, medium, broad, extra-fine, stub 1.1mm.
  • 117mm long closed, 108mm long open, 140mm long posted. 12.4mm max barrel diameter, grip section tapers down to 9.8mm. Weighs 18g.
  • Roughly the same height as an iPhone when capped and stored away
  • Slightly longer when cap is posted on the pen. (perfect length for writing when cap is  posted on the back)
  • About 1 inch shorter than a Diamond 580 fountain pen.
  • Note: piston-filler pens cannot use cartridges
  • Supplied gift-boxed

Like all TWSBI fountain pens we stock, this pen can be entirely disassembled for the purposes of cleaning and servicing. Instructions and necessary tools are supplied with each pen. However, the disassembly feature is only there for experienced users and is not necessary for normal use. Disassembly is at your own risk.

How to Choose a Nib Size:

  • If you write small, go with Extra-Fine
  • For everyday use, Fine is a great choice
  • If you tend to write on the larger size, Medium is perfect and does provide a smoother ink flow
  • Bold is for statements - Sign a check, write a header or show off your shimmering/sheening ink
  • Stub nibs are used for an italic/calligraphy writing style with the down strokes being wide and the side strokes thin.