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Sheaffer 100 Fountain Pen - Brushed Chrome

Sheaffer 100 Fountain Pen - Brushed Chrome

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The Sheaffer 100 makes a great gift for celebrating an occasion or kicking off a new chapter. With its modern design, timeless finish options, and balanced feel, it is the perfect tool for letting ideas flow effortlessly onto the page. For anyone who enjoys writing, the Sheaffer 100 is an affordable way to bring that experience up a notch while also making an impression.

  • Elegant, streamlined silhouette
  • Stylish cut-out clip
  • Features the Sheaffer White Dot, the trademark symbol of writing excellence
  • Presented in luxury gift box


  • Brushed Chrome barrel and cap featuring Chrome-plated appointments


  • Click-off cap..
  • Flexible Medium (M) nib in polished stainless steel
  • Fitted with a piston converter for bottled ink
  • Comes with two classic ink cartridges