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Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini Fountain Pen - Bordeaux Fonce

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini Fountain Pen - Bordeaux Fonce

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This mini design has some major style. Meet the new Professional Gear Slim Mini - Rencontre by Sailor, an elegantly marbled pocket-sized delight. Rencontre is French for “encounter,” and the color names follow suit: Gres Fir translates to “Iron Gray,” Bordeaux Fonce is French for “Dark Burgundy,” and Bleu Ciel means “Sky Blue.” The marbling is especially interesting in this design as this is notoriously difficult to achieve with an injection molding process. Due to the nature of marbling, each pen barrel will feature slight variations that only serve to add value to each individual pen.

The Professional Gear Slim Mini comes in at only 14.5mm smaller than the Professional Gear Slim when capped, but is only 11mm shorter when posted, so the writing experience is comfortable and authentic. Each Rencontre features a 14K gold, medium-fine nib to compliment the gold-plated accents and ensure a smooth writing experience with a luxurious feel. The size of these pens makes them particularly convenient to have on hand in a jacket pocket or classy clutch so collectors can bring this pen along wherever they wish and enjoy the touch of Rencontre by Sailor.

Filling System: Proprietary Cartridge/Mini Converter (Not compatible with full-size)

Includes: 2 black ink cartridges