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Sailor Pro Gear Slim Fountain Pen - Solar Term - Fuki

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Fountain Pen - Solar Term - Fuki

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New - April 2023

Japan observes the changes of time with celebrations for the spring and autumn equinox, and the summer and winter solstice. Sailor Professional Gear Slim Solar Term Series shines a light on some of the finer traditions beloved across Japan on these special seasonal days.

  • Fuki honors the vernal equinox with a hopeful light green body and soft khaki-colored finials that bring to mind budding plants

Solar Term Series pens by Sailor is adorned with gold-plated accents, and a 14K gold Sailor nib for honey-smooth ink flow and a comfortable, award-winning, skip-free writing experience.


  • PMMA Resin
  • 14K Gold nib in F, MF, or M
  • Gold plated trim
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