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Sailor Manyo Nadeshiko - 50ml Bottled Ink

Sailor Manyo Nadeshiko - 50ml Bottled Ink

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The Sailor Manyo Nadeshiko - a warm blue-purple ink.

Leaves and flowers are once again the main theme of this new vibrant palette range that draws its inspiration from Japanese “Manyoshu” poems.

Manyosyu - Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves - is the oldest (c.759) and most revered anthology of Japan’s poetic compilations.

Many is an abbreviation of “Manyosyu” and its meaning indicates people of all ranks.

In Japan, along with the Gregorian calendar, it is common for people to also use the year in era names based on the reign of the Emperor. In May 2019 the name of the era was changed form “Heisei” to ‘Reiwa’ which is the 248th era from the year 645.

‘Reiwa” is the first era to be chosen from traditional work of Japanese poetry. The era name means beautiful harmony’ and is based on a poem from ‘Manyosyu’