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Sailor 1911S Fountain Pen - Transparent with Gold Trim

Sailor 1911S Fountain Pen - Transparent with Gold Trim

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The Sailor 1911S Transparent with Gold Trim Fountain pen is a torpedo shaped fountain pen that is known for its smooth writing experience, luxurious design, and high-quality construction. The pen is made from high-grade resin and features a 14K gold with rhodium plating nib that is available in a broad range of sizes.

Note: Although Sailor fountain pens are smooth writing, they are known for providing some feedback as the pen moves across the paper. 


  • 14k gold nib, rhodium plated
  • High-grade resin body
  • Gold-plated trim
  • Fills using Proprietary Ink Cartridges or Converter (included)
  • Screw on cap
  • Postable

Note: This is a special order item only. Please allow 10-14 days.