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Retro 51 Collection Tornado Rollerball - Umbra (Acrylic)

Retro 51 Collection Tornado Rollerball - Umbra (Acrylic)

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The Retro 51 Collection Retro 51 Umbra Acrylic Rollerball is in good condition!

The Retro 51 Collection page features products that were once part of a private collection and now is available to shop here at Dromgoole's. In this collection you will find artist proofs, prototypes, poppers, originals, and big shots dating back to Retro's beginnings. 

The collection is still being processed and pens will be gradually added over time. Some of these pens are one of a kinds, so if you see something you like make sure to jump quick and not miss the opportunity.

Please note, because these pens are from a collection, and are not "brand new" there could be blemishes. If we find them, we will try to mention any potential condition issues in the description.

*Please note: These do not come with the original box.