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Retro 51 Collection Tornado Popper Rollerball - Strength (Dromgoole's Exclusive)

Retro 51 Collection Tornado Popper Rollerball - Strength (Dromgoole's Exclusive)

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We are incredibly excited to bring you the Dromgoole’s Tornado exclusive, “Strength” by Retro 51.

Strength is something many of us have grown from through experiences in our lives. It’s a reminder to stay strong through any unprecedented circumstance, knowing we can and will persevere through both the good and the bad.

Throughout the past 60 years, Dromgoole’s Fine Writing Shop has been passed down through 4 generations of the Dromgoole Family. We are grateful to have such a strong community of pen and stationery lovers ranging from old to young. Thank you so much for 60 years, and we can’t wait for the next 60.

Both "Gratitude" and "Strength" have Art Deco engraving with diamond essence to celebrate Dromgoole's 60th "Diamond" Anniversary. "Gratitude" is a Stonewashed Pewter with matching accents and "Strength" is Red Classic Lacquer over etched barrel with polished brass accents. Both "Gratitude" and "Strength" are limited editions of 300 and topped with the polished brass top disc. Pick up these tokens of this once in a lifetime achievement to celebrate our fine writing community, where you are always welcome.