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PLOTTER Mini Size Shiranami 6-Ring Leather Binder - Blue

PLOTTER Mini Size Shiranami 6-Ring Leather Binder - Blue

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Shiranami is a PLOTTER US Exclusive leather developed for the Japan Blue Project, paying homage to the history of Japanese indigo dye and the artistic style of Hokusai’s “Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji”. “Shiranami” translates to “white-crested waves” – the foamy white edges of turbulent waves at sea that create a stunning and dramatic view. This color hue is inspired by the famous indigo color that is utilized in Japan since the Asuka Period (710-794). Japan Blue Project seeks to share this quintessential color identity of Japan with customers globally.

PLOTTER collaborated with a long-established tannery in Himeji to produce “Shiranami Leather”, a leather dyed with natural indigo with a tasteful expression. The leather is infused with a generous amount of white tax. The white waxy bloom on the surface of the leather represents the foamy waves, which gain luster the more you age it. Just like waves, the white wax blooms recede with use, and a hidden indigo-dyed blue surfaces over time.

The edge of Shiranami leather is untreated so you can see the gradation of which the indigo dye penetrates the pale material of undyed leather. This is a unique expression that we preserve as a homage to the process of “Aizome” (indigo dye). Mini is a compact size for creatives who would like to take notes anytime, anywhere. The portable size is designed for you to carry it in your bag, back pocket, or purse.

Point 1: Lays flat and open to more than 180 degrees, so it is flexible and easy to use in any environment.

Point 2: The 11mm (0.4") rings hold just the necessary amount of pages that are most important to your project, and hardly get in the way of writing and use.

Some people enjoy the contours of the leather against ring hardware as the leather becomes supple over time. However, we recommend using a Leather Ring Supporter if you want to slow down that effect. 


Color / Shiranami Blue
Material / Steer (cowhide)
Binder / 6-hole KRAUSE ring .4" diameter copper (silver)
Backplate/ Brass (matte silver)
Body Size / H5.5" × W3.9" × D.6" (140mm x 100mm x 15mm)
Country of origin / Made in Japan
Number of sheets stored / Approximately 80 sheets of DP paper

Note: The backplate is made of brass and plated with matte silver color. Plating may come off due to friction and will exhibit the natural oxidation and discoloration of the brass material. Please enjoy the natural aging of the brass characteristic alongside the leather. We recommend inserting no more than 80 pages of PLOTTER original DP refill paper to ensure the longevity and functionality of the hardware.

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