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PLOTTER Bible Size Pueblo 6-Ring Leather Binder - Black

PLOTTER Bible Size Pueblo 6-Ring Leather Binder - Black

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Show off your style with the fashionable PLOTTER Bible Size Pueblo 6-Ring Leather Binder. This binder is made from genuine leather and features strong 6-ring hardware, allowing for secure storage of documents and other materials. Its beige design gives it a contemporary, sophisticated look.


This 6-ring leather binder uses genuine Pueblo leather with a brushed texture that gives off the most dynamic aging of all leather types. The surface of the authentic Italian leather is deliberately buffed by craftsmen using a special gold scraper. Enjoy the rustic look of the leather paired with the gold back plating when it is new. As you handle the leather more frequently, the texture lies flat for a much more distinct luster and glossy appearance. The more you use it, the darker the color becomes. Bible Size is the iconic standard size for personal organizers that holds all you need in one convenient place. It is compact and fits comfortably in your palm for easy access to writing and recording notes. Pair it with Diary Refills to add scheduling functionality to your system.

Point 1: The characteristic of the leather retains oil well and will age and achieve a charming patina faster than other leathers. This ring leather binder will resonate with users who love the aging transformation of leather.

Point 2: The design of the leather binder allows the pages to lay flat and open to more than 180 degrees, so it is flexible and easy to use in any environment.

Point 3: The 11mm (0.4") rings hold just the necessary amount of pages that are most important to your project, and hardly get in the way of writing and use.

Some people enjoy the contours of the leather against ring hardware as the leather becomes supple over time. However, we recommend using a Leather Ring Supporter if you want to slow down that effect.

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Color variations / Black, Navy, Brown, and Beige
Material / Steer (cowhide)
Binder / 6-hole ring 11mm diameter (silver)
Backplate / Matte gold
Body size / H7" × W4.5" × D.6" (180mm x 115mm x 15mm)
Country of origin / Made in Japan
Number of sheets stored / Approximately 80 sheets of DP paper

Note: The backplate is made of brass and plated with gold color. Plating may come off due to friction and will exhibit the natural oxidation and discoloration of the brass material. Please enjoy the natural aging of the brass characteristic alongside the leather. We recommend inserting no more than 80 pages of PLOTTER original DP refill paper to ensure the longevity and functionality of the hardware.

WARNING: California's Proposition 65