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PLOTTER Ballpoint Pen - Silver

PLOTTER Ballpoint Pen - Silver

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PLOTTER Ballpoint Pens were born from the image of the origin of writing instruments, inspired by the shape of a simple stick where people first started using to draw and communicate. It's a pen that is easy to grasp and hold. The thin clip of the pen is designed for easy insertion in any pen holder and is reminiscent of PLOTTER's leather ring binder backplate. Each pen is made of brass and carefully manufactured in a factory in Japan. The more you use it, the more you can savor the changes over time.

The pen uses neutral gel ink writing in 0.5mm nib size. Refills for ordinary G2-type ballpoint pens can be used as refills for PLOTTER Ballpoint Pens. Original refills with the PLOTTER logo are also available.


Body / Brass (shaft, cap, fitting, mouthpiece, crown) / Steel (clip part) / Color: Black, Silver
Rotating mechanism / resin / metal
Body size / total length 5.5" (139mm) (when core is stored) / shaft diameter 9mm
Country of origin / Made in Japan