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PLOTTER Accessory Refill Fastener Case - A5 Size

PLOTTER Accessory Refill Fastener Case - A5 Size

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A smart zipper pouch solution with just the right amount of transparency. The Fastener Case is made with a translucent material with a grid pattern – the subtleness reveals and conceals the contents of the case at the same time. You can quickly find what you need, without being too visible.

The fastener case can be attached to the leather binder outside the ring fixture, just like a ring supporter. This design preserves the refill capacity of the ring binder and doesn’t compromise on valuable ring space.

The clever positioning of the fastener zippers on opposite ends allows the leather binder to close evenly without any awkward bulkiness. The zippers also do not get in the way of existing refills and accessories, while maintaining a seamless and clean look.


Body / EVA resin

Body size / H8.42” x W12.87” (214 x 327mm) (when expanded)

Country of origin / Made in China