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Pineider Avatar UR Rollerball with Black Trim - Matte Black

Pineider Avatar UR Rollerball with Black Trim - Matte Black

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After revolutionising the world of writing with Avatar UR, which has resolved the problem of accidental breakage once and for all with a material instantly conjuring up an image of celluloid, Pineider now proudly presents the transparent version which uses an even more advanced formula of UltraResin.

Transparency allows one not only to see the pen's mechanism but also to monitor its ink level.

We've fitted all our pens with a simple "word gauge" that allows you to monitor the ink level and thus avoid being left... high and dry!

Ink level, or word gauge, is a level indicator that's fairly easy to install in a converter, but the tricky part has been making roller and ballpoint refills in transparent plastic and gel ink equipped with an ink level; in fact, they are unique and unparalleled anywhere in the world, another reason for joining the exclusive Pineider writing collection club.

Colours: The Demo collection comes in four colours: transparent, amber, wine red and sky blue. The first two are completely transparent, while wine red and sky blue are semi-transparent.

GlueLess technology: The pen is assembled with a new technology known as GlueLess. Thanks to its having been designed in 3D and to the highest possible precision being implemented throughout the manufacturing process, the pen is assembled without a single drop of glue being employed in the process. Each component part slots into the next like a meccano toy.

Nib: semi-flexible oversize N6 steel nib, size M and F

Cap Closure: A slender ring protects the magnet from corrosion
and ensures that the cap closes safely and securely.

Comfort Grip: Lined with special replaceable, anti-ageing and anti-yellowing supersoft rubber.

Clip: feather in marine steel.
The sophisticated steel clip, reminiscent of a quill, is activated by a mechanism inside the cap.

Ring: Finely engraved with the skyline of Florence.

Trims: Palladium 0,20

Filling: converter / cartridge

Packaging: Gift-wrapped in Pineider paper