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Pilot Namiki Aya Maki-e Fountain Pen - Hayate (Black)

Pilot Namiki Aya Maki-e Fountain Pen - Hayate (Black)

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New - February 2023

Pilot is thrilled to announce the newest collection of fountain pens from Namiki, the Aya Collection. The Aya Collection will be a regularly featured maki-e item under Namiki from the highly revered Kokkai group. The barrel artwork was designed using traditional maki-e urushi lacquer work and finished with a sprinkling of gold and silver dust using the togidashi polishing technique. Each pen features different colored urushi lacquer to create the rich hues of nature.

There are 4 barrel options available:

  • Akatsuki (Daybreak): the moment when light first appears in the morning. This Japanese word is also used for a eureka moment or realization achievement. The body of the Akatsuki is a deep, burnished red. Dried red lacquered powders are applied with different intensities, and gold powders and goldround powders are used in the background before the body is coated in urushi lacquer and burnished and polished to a shine.


  • Hayate (Gale): a powerful gust of wind. This Japanese word is also used to express something that is pure and lively. The black urushi lacquer is finished with silver-round powders that are applied in various intensities to express the wind. The design symbolizes the appearance of majestic winds.


  • Seiryu (Limpid Stream): the crystal-clear water that gently flows through the depth of nature in a calming stream. This Japanese word also symbolizes the calm in nature that enriches the mind. Blue dry lacquered powders are applied to illustrate the flow of water. In the background, a mixture of crushed abalone shells, silver-flat powders, and silver-round powders are used to epitomize the brilliant surface of water.


  • Tokiwa (Evergreen): a Japanese word for ‘something that will never change.’ This design expresses the evergreen trees on a mountain that flourish without their leaves losing color, even in winter. Dried green lacquer powders are applied with varying intensities to symbolize the landscapes of mountains using gradient coloring. Crushed abalone shells and gold-flat-powders are used in the background to evoke a starry night.


The Aya Collection has a classical vest-type body style and is enhanced with a traditional No. 30, 18-karat gold, rhodium plated nib featuring the iconic silhouette of Mount Fuji, available in Fine Medium, Medium, or Broad nib sizes. The Aya Collection offers effortless, smooth writing and is designed to delight the fountain pen collector. This classical fountain pen is refillable for continued use with a cartridge or Pilot’s CON-70 converter and arrives packaged in a beautiful Namiki wooden giftbox.


  • 18kt gold with rhodium accents, No. 30 nib
  • CON-70 converter & blue ink cartridge included
  • Maroon cleaning cloth along with Use & Care Guide for Namiki
  • Packaged in an elegant, Namiki wooden giftbox