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Pilot Kaküno Fountain Pen - Turquoise and White (Fine)

Pilot Kaküno Fountain Pen - Turquoise and White (Fine)

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The Pilot Kaküno is a delightful fountain pen that is ideal for both first-time fountain pen users and experienced writers. “Kaküno” means “to write” in Japanese, and that’s just what this pen helps users to do by featuring an appealing smiley face on the nib, reminding users to orient the nib correctly.

The white barrel pens feature the fine steel nib (with a winking smiley face), the gray barrel options feature the medium steel nib (with a traditional smiley face), and the clear barrel option features the extra fine, fine and medium steel nib (with a tongue sticking out).

The cap and comfortable barrel are designed to not roll away when put down. Novices will soon become seasoned fountain pen users, and seasoned users will enjoy the fun, exuberant
writing the Kaküno fountain pen delivers.

Filling System: Proprietary Ink Cartridges or Con-40 Converter.