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Pilot Custom Urushi Fountain Pen - Vermillion Red

Pilot Custom Urushi Fountain Pen - Vermillion Red

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The Pilot Custom Urushi Fountain Pen Collection is available in Black and Vermillion Red. Considered oversized, the pen is made of ebonite and then coated with many layers of Japanese urushi laquer. Adorned with a size #30 18k gold nib available in Fine, Medium and Broad to create the ultimate writing experience.

Although these pieces are not limited, the time it takes to produce each piece does not allow consistent inventory levels. If we do not show a piece in stock, please contact us at 713-526-4652 or to reserve a piece as they become available.

Filling System: Con70 Converter or Pilot Ink Cartridges

Pilot Urishi Fountain Pens

Each lacquered ebonite fountain pen is hand created by maki-e artisans in Japan. The uniform mirror-like finish is created using the Roiro Urushi technique. The first step is the lacquering process, followed by a 2-3 weeks drying time. It is during this time of specific temperatures and degrees of humidity that a chemical transformation occurs, producing a durable and brilliant sheath of great strength and protection. After the curation period, each Custom Urushi Fountain Pen is polished three times to create its simple beauty.