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Penlux Masterpiece Delgado Fountain Pen - Peacock

Penlux Masterpiece Delgado Fountain Pen - Peacock

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Penlux Masterpiece Delgado Peacock Fountain Pen features an acrylic barrel and cap of swirling rich brown, turquoise, amber and orange, with gold plated trim, inspired by the iridescent majesty of the peacock. Although these pens are all made using the same material, each pen is unique in its appearance. The filling system is piston which makes this pen a great value.

The gold-plated stainless steel Jowo #6 nib gives an effortless writing experience, and is available in Fine, Medium, Broad and Stub 1.1. Nibs in 14K and 18K are also available, but are by special order only.


  • Gold-Plated Stainless-Steel #6 Jowo Nib
  • Piston filly system (1ml capacity)
  • Satin gold-plated trim
  • 5.63" x .62"