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Pelikan 4001 Violet Bottled Ink (62.5ml)

Pelikan 4001 Violet Bottled Ink (62.5ml)

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Pelikan has been producing the famous 4001 ink, for over one hundred years now, and we have been convinced of its tried-and-tested quality all along. This makes the 4001 ink into a real classic in writing culture and into one of the most famous brands of Pelikan.

The refined formula guarantees bright, shining colors, an even ink flow, and a strong, expressional writing. It is the expert knowledge of the Pelikan corporation that ensures the excellent features of this high-quality ink.

Pelikan 4001 ink should be the first choice for anyone who enjoys writing by hand. It is the perfect supplement to your fountain pen and an expression of your personality. It is in a class of its own.


Ink Color: Violet (62.5ml)