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Oeda Letterpress 5 Paper Notebook Navy

Oeda Letterpress 5 Paper Notebook Navy

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The OEDA LETTERPRESS 5 Paper Notebook contains 5 different types of paper (8 sheets each 40 in total) : Buff Paper, Tracing Paper, Half Air Paper, Wax Paper and Bumpel Paper. Available in Tan or Navy, each notebook contains a beautiful debossed cover with floral design on the front and back.

With a variety of different paper to choose from, the 5 Paper Notebook is perfect for collage making, sketching, calligraphy, and journaling. 

*Compatible with a standard TRAVELER'S Notebook

Measures 8.256" x 4.3" 0.15" (210mm × 110mm × 4mm).

40 pages.