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Noodler's Dark Matter (3oz) Bottled Ink

Noodler's Dark Matter (3oz) Bottled Ink

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Noodler's Dark Matter Bottled Ink is a vintage replica reverse-engineered ink from a bottle of ink used at Los Alamos National Laboratory during the 1940s. A grayish black that after it dries becomes mildly water resistant.

Noodler's Bottled Ink are all hand made 100% in the USA in small batches with unique labels often matching the inspiration of the color. With a wide range of colors and ink properties, good performance can be found on all kinds of writing papers, including those not considered fountain pen friendly. 

  • Color Family - Black
  • Size: 3oz
  • Mildly Water Resistant: This ink resists the effects of water. It may still smear, discolor, or run slightly if exposed to water, but anything written with it will remain legible.
  • The ink color you receive may differ from the one pictured. 
  • Because Noodler's inks are hand made in small batches, the colors can vary slightly from one bottle to another.
  • Because Noodler's Inks are filled to the brim, we recommend care be taken when first opening to avoid ink spillage.