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Noodler's Baystate Blue (4.5oz) Bottled Ink

Noodler's Baystate Blue (4.5oz) Bottled Ink

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Noodler's Baystate Blue Bottled Ink is part of Noodler's Baystate series of intensely vivid inks, inspired by a 1940s recreation of inks used in colonial Boston and comes with a free "Charlie" eyedropper pen, which can be filled using the eyedropper built into the bottle's cap.

Noodler's Bottled Ink are all hand made 100% in the USA in small batches with unique labels often matching the inspiration of the color. With a wide range of colors and ink properties, good performance can be found on all kinds of writing papers, including those not considered fountain pen friendly. 

  • Color Family - Blue
  • Size - 4.5oz
  • Water Resistant: This ink resists the effects of water. It may still smear, discolor, or run slightly if exposed to water, but anything written with it will remain legible.
  • Forgery Resistant: This ink is resistant to lasers, alcohols, and solvents used by forgers and check-washers. 
  • This ink has a higher pH than other inks. Noodler's Baystate inks have a unique formulation and should not be mixed with any inks except other Baystate inks. Clean your pen thoroughly before and after using this ink, as any traces will react with other inks and potentially clog the pen. We do not recommend using these inks in vintage pens or in very valuable pens.
  • This ink can stain plastic and other hard surfaces it comes in contact with. These stains can usually be removed by cleaning with a 10:1 solution of water and bleach.
  • The ink color you receive may differ from the one pictured. 
  • Because Noodler's inks are hand made in small batches, the colors can vary slightly from one bottle to another.
  • Because Noodler's Inks are filled to the brim, we recommend care be taken when first opening to avoid ink spillage.