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Montblanc Homage to Victoria Fountain Pen (Patron of the Art 4810)

Montblanc Homage to Victoria Fountain Pen (Patron of the Art 4810)

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New - April 2022

The Montblanc Patron of Art Edition in 2022 is dedicated to Queen Victoria & Prince Albert. The Limited Edition 4810 is a remarkable couple edition, one edition honors Queen Victoria and another one her consort Prince Albert. The Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Victoria Limited Edition 4810 is celebrating the young Victoria and comes with a pearl white lacquered barrel as well as a cap in translucent mint green lacquer with a Victorian pattern underneath. The fittings are signature gold-coated. The clip shape is a tribute to her scepter while the dark green synthetic stone is a homage to her engagement ring. The cap top is inspired by a royal crown and is adorned with the Montblanc emblem made from white precious resin. While the cap ring features the engraved quote "I will be good", a special engraving decorates the cone. As a homage to Victoria's nickname "England's rose", the handcrafted solid Au 750 gold nib bears an embossing of a rose. With signature gold and/or signature gold-coating, Montblanc describes the enlightened shade of yellow gold which has become an appreciated tone for the Maison’s Writing Instruments.


Special form with signature gold-coating and adorned with green synthetic stone


Pearl white lacquered barrel


"English" mint green lacquered cap enriched with special guilloche underneath




Au 750 solid gold, signature gold-coated nib with special embossing


145.3 mm


18.5 mm

Physical Weight

106 g