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Montblanc Elvis Presley 1935 Fountain Pen Medium (Retired - Great Characters Limited Edition)

Montblanc Elvis Presley 1935 Fountain Pen Medium (Retired - Great Characters Limited Edition)

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In 1956, a tall and handsome southern boy from Tupelo, Mississippi shook up America with his unique voice and moves. Elvis Aaron Presley, who went on to be known as the King of Rock ’n’ Roll, is still celebrated today for electrifying the world with his music and style. Elvis turned the music industry upside-down, breaking through the barriers between Black and White music to create a unique style built on his charisma and powerful voice.

The latest Montblanc Great Characters Edition Elvis Presley honours the life of the artist, whose live performances and style changed the face of pop music. Skilfully crafted by Montblanc artisans, the collection consists of writing instruments and accessories that pay tribute to key stages in Elvis’s career. 

Filling: Montblanc International Ink Cartridges/Converter (Included)

 “Elvis has left the building.”

Elvis influenced music charts and redefined stage fashion. For the historic 1973 concert “Aloha from Hawaii” - the first live concert ever broadcast by satellite to 1.5 billion people across 40 countries - Elvis wore a white jumpsuit that attained an iconic status with its embroidered eagle glittering in the colours of the US flag. Now also celebrated in the design of Great Characters Elvis Presley Limited Edition 1935, the eagle crafted with hand-filled lacquered windows decorates the cap and his famous hit “Jailhouse Rock” is engraved on the gold nib. On the Great Characters Special Edition, the barrel of the writing instrument features the inscription "Elvis has left the building" - the famous words that informed ecstatic fans at the end of his live shows that there would be no more encores.