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Midori Chiratto Index Label - Colors

Midori Chiratto Index Label - Colors

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With a general index label, the index sticks out of the notebook or notebook, so it may be damaged during use. It is a new index "Chirat INDEX" that solves such problems. By making the protrusion when pasted on the edge of the page 2.5 mm that fits inside the notebook with a cover, you can use it neatly without damaging the index. It is a notebook customization item recommended for those who want to carry their notebook neatly and smartly.

The re-peelable sticker makes it easy to reattach and move pages. The adhesive side is a translucent sticker that allows you to see through the letters below, so you can stick it without hiding the written contents.

24 colors that are easy to use for categorizing projects etc. with abundant colors, 2 pieces each. It can be fully used according to the application and is ideal for fine sorting.

Please put out only the part of the handle and insert it. When filling in the index, please use an oil-based ballpoint pen, pencil, or felt-tip pen. * Water-based pens are not suitable.

  • When writing, avoid using a water-based pen, and use a pencil, oil-based ballpoint pen, or oil-based felt-tip pen.
  • Ink or toner may adhere to the adhesive surface. Please try before use.
  • It may not adhere to rough surfaces or surfaces with moisture, oil, dust, etc.
  • Avoid storing in direct sunlight or in hot and humid places.