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LAMY Studio Fountain Pen - Rose Matte (Special Edition)

LAMY Studio Fountain Pen - Rose Matte (Special Edition)

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The LAMY studio convinces with timeless elegance and a universal design. The bulgy cylindrical shape of its all-metal body results seamlessly from the individual housing parts and is deliberately kept minimalist. The gentle curvature and harmonious proportions make the clip the trademark of the LAMY studio: it contrasts the matter-of-fact basic shape with an innovative design accent and creates a unique overall appearance.

The LAMY studio is assembled by hand at the LAMY craftsman's workshop in Heidelberg. In regularly released special editions, it reinvents itself again and again and thus should not be missing on any desk - whether as a premium writing instrument suitable for everyday use or as a collector's item.

Filling System: Lamy Z27 Converter | Lamy T10 Ink Cartridges

Design: Hannes Wettstein

LAMY studio Fountain Pen Details: 

  • Steel nib
  • Snap on cap
  • Metal clip in propeller shape
  • Included: LAMY T10 Blue Ink Cartridge