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LAMY AL-star Black EMR

LAMY AL-star Black EMR

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The first LAMY for digital writing has arrived LAMY AL-star Black EMR stylus!

Using the same model as LAMY AL-star rollerball, this pen continues to impress with its functional design and perfect ergonomics.

Its fine, replaceable, 0.7 millimeter contact tip detects over 4096 pressure levels, meaning that it reacts to the writer with particular sensitivity and speed. This in turn means that the look of the writing achieved is in no way inferior to analogue handwriting.

The digital writing instrument is suitable for all EMR-compatible tablets, smartphones and notebooks. A list of all compatible units is available on

Equipped with Wacom's patented EMR technology, the LAMY AL-star Black EMR stylus needs no power to work. One practical detail is the customizable shortcut key, which can provide direct access to a configurable menu on the terminal device.