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Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen - Stainless Steel

Kaweco Supra Fountain Pen - Stainless Steel

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A first-class tool for the art of writing: the robust model made of solid stainless steel lies ergonomically in the hand. The minimalist design gives the writing instrument a unique elegance.

Due to the high weight of the model, the writing instrument presses lightly on the paper by itself and promotes the flow of writing. So you can write particularly long and comfortably. In addition, the Supra offers various options for screwing. For example, the weight and length of the fountain pen can be optimally adjusted to each hand with the adapter.

The fountain pen is individually equipped with your desired nib. You can choose between five spring strengths. While the extra-fine nib (EF) is particularly suitable for small and delicate handwriting, the extra-broad nib (BB) is often used for large and dramatic signatures. We recommend the spring strength M for beginners.

With our bronze Kaweco clip for Supra you can attach your fountain pen to a notebook or a bag. It also protects the pen from rolling on a slippery surface.