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Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen - Cyan (Collector's Edition)

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen - Cyan (Collector's Edition)

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Kaweco Collection

Kaweco COLLECTION is a range of approximately 6 special colours per year.  Each release is available to order for 12 months. It features colours that match current trends. With Kaweco COLLECTION, Kaweco can explore new colour combinations without the need to conform to the look of a particular series. The pens come in special packaging, have "Kaweco Collection" branding on them, and are mostly fountain pens.

If a colour proves to be super-popular, Kaweco may decide to make it a mainstream colour the following year.

Kaweco Collection Cyan

The pure cyan color, in combination with the silver accents, gives this writing instrument an elegant character. On the one hand, the icy effect of Cyan perfectly harmonises with the frosty season. On the other hand, Cyan is reminiscent of the gorgeous coloring of the Caribbean sea and therefore inspires us to dream.