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Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen - Apricot Pearl (Collector's Edition)

Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen - Apricot Pearl (Collector's Edition)

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Expected Ship Date: March 6 (Updated)

The Kaweco Collection Apricot Pearl fountain pen is a great addition to the special colors of Kaweco. Perfect for spring, the subtle shade of orange changes to a pearly, shimmering green depending on the light. The gold elements match the warm appearance of the color. The package completes the overall design. The special paper imitates the visual effect for the fountain pen. Like the rest of the Sport models, this is a perfect light-weight pocket style fountain pen that converts to a full size when posted. Closed, the pen is just 105mm long and  open 133mm. The barrel is 14mm in diameter (around the cap).

Adorned with a steel nib, you have your choice of Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and Double Broad. Included is one blue short international cartridge. Converters and clips are available and sold separately.

Kaweco Collection Apricot Pearl Fountain Pen Details:

  • Material: ABS/macrolon plastic.
  • Filling: Cartridge/Converter - uses short international standard cartridges
  • Nib: Steel in sizes ranging from Extra-Fine to Double Broad
  • Packaging: Commemorative box with graphics representing the different colors


In contrast to the Classic series, the pens are refined with silver accents, including the Kaweco branding and a silver metal logo on the head of the cap. The series offers a variety of color options from trendy to classic.

The fountain pens of the series are individually equipped with your desired nib made in Germany. There are five nib sizes to choose from: EF - extra fine, for very small and fine handwriting, F - fine, M - medium, B as a slightly wider nib and BB, often for large, dramatic signatures. Kaweco recommends Medium for beginners. In addition to the fountain pen, the series is also available as a gel roller, ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil and clutch pencil.

Sport writing instruments are produced and assembled in Germany, adhering to the high quality standards consumers expect.