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Kaweco Skyline Sport Rollerball - Fox Orange

Kaweco Skyline Sport Rollerball - Fox Orange

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The Kaweco Skyline Sport closely follows the original 1935 Kaweco octogonal design. The Compact size feels just right in your hand and is made from a tough, yet exceptionally lightweight ABS plastic. Featuring a screw-on cap for extra security and the Kaweco logo in silver colored metal on the end of the cap, this rollerball pen measures 4.1" long when closed, 5.3" long when open, and slightly over 1/2" in diameter.

The invention of the rollerball enables particularly easy and smooth writing. The ink flows uninterruptedly over the ceramic ball onto the paper surface. Kaweco is  particularly proud of the exceptionally soft writing experience of their rollerball system.

Refill: Any Parker style gel/ballpoint refill