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Kaweco AL Sport Mechanical Pencil (.7mm) - Black

Kaweco AL Sport Mechanical Pencil (.7mm) - Black

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All black everything - our mechanical pencil in black looks good with everything. Elegant and classic with a matt surface, the color can be combined with various notebooks, paper and other accessories.

The AL Sport series made of high-quality aluminum offers the perfect combination of solid weight and fine feel.

The mechanical pencil with a line width of 0.7 mm is perfect for sketching ideas and for drawing. Due to the pressure mechanism, the mine always remains precise and is therefore ideal for on the go, as you never have to sharpen it. The wide housing protects the lead from breaking. Its high-quality and precise mechanics come from Japan.

The Kaweco refills for the mechanical pencil have the medium degree of hardness HB. As a suitable supplement, there are leather cases for one or two Kawecos, which protect the pen from scratches on the go. If you like to keep your little writer compact on your notebook, you can equip the mechanical pencil with a clip in silver, gold, bronze or black.