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Kakimori Nib Holder -

Kakimori Nib Holder -

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Kakimori Nib Holder

Urushi - A dipping pen holder with "wiping lacquer" applied to wild cherry blossoms. Indigo - A dipping pen barrel dyed with wild cherry blossoms indigo. Sakura Wood - A dip pen holder with wild cherry blossoms. The standard nibs are used for the receptacle, so you can change various pen nibs according to your mood. *This item is available as a single shaft, and does not come with a pen tip.

Precautions for use

  • This is available as a single shaft, and the pen tip is not included.
  • Please refrain from submerging in water, sudden temperature changes, drying, or storing in direct sunlight as this may cause deformation or discoloration.
  • Due to the characteristics of the material and processing, each piece has a different grain and color.
  • If you get ink on it, wipe it off with a soft cloth.
  • When removing the metal nib from the pen holder, pull it out slowly while turning it. If you pull it out vigorously, the parts of the insertion port may come off.
  • If water or ink accumulates in the slot, it will be difficult to insert the nib. After rinsing with water, turn the insertion port down and drain the water well.