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Jacques Herbin Shogun 50ml Bottled Ink

Jacques Herbin Shogun 50ml Bottled Ink

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Jacques Herbin Shogun Bottled Ink is a part of a collaboration with Kenzo Takada that is twilight-colored, reminiscent of a beautiful night of stars, coated with fine red and gold shimmer. The resulting hue is reminiscent of armor from the Shogun era, for which Kenzo Takada held great appreciation. The ink is housed in the a beautiful 50ml glass bottle and commemorative packaging.


Kenzo Takada is recognized as one of the most famous creators and designers of his generation. His recognizable style combines multicultural inspirations with a distinct Japanese touch.

Kenzo Takada sadly passed away just as the partnership with Jacques Herbin had started. Thus, this ink is an homage to the artist.

Creating was Kenzo Takada’s passion, a powerful drive to always bring beauty to the fore. Shogun Ink by Kenzo Takada