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Ink Miser Intra-Bottle Inkwell - Black

Ink Miser Intra-Bottle Inkwell - Black

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The ink Miser Black Intra-Bottle inkwell is designed easily fill your fountain pen from 3 oz bottled ink. By simply lowering the inkwell into the bottle and replacing the cap, all it takes is turning the bottle over a couple of times to conveniently bring the ink up to the opening. From there, you can fill your fountain pen as you normally would, put the cap back on, and your finished. By using this method, you won't waste a drop of ink as the bottle begins to empty! 


  • Remove the cap from the ink bottle and place Ink Miser Intra-Bottle inkwell into the 3 oz. bottle.
  • Replace the ink bottle cap and screw it back on tightly, leaving the miser in place.
  • Turn bottle upside down a few times allowing the ink to fill the inkwell.
  • Quickly turn upright and carefully remove the lid again.
  • Insert your pen nib into the ink- filled ink miser and fill your pen as usual.
  • Leaving the ink miser in place, you can either replace the cap and secure tightly, or remove it to use with other 3oz bottles.
  • Be sure to wipe your pen with a dry cloth to remove excess ink to ensure you are ready to write.