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Montegrappa Harry Potter Limited Edition Bottled Ink 50ml Gryffindor Red

Montegrappa Harry Potter Limited Edition Bottled Ink 50ml Gryffindor Red

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Harry Potter Ink Collection

Following the release of the Harry Potter: House Colours collection and Hogwarts Pen Pouch, our 2020 Harry Potter schedule is completed with a special offering of fountain pen inks. The Harry Potter Inks collection is available to ship in late 2020.The addition of this special range extension reflects the popularity of our Harry Potter program, and addresses the need to earn attention and sales during the gifting season and beyond. Inks are a strong talking point in popular fountain pen blogs and social channels, and the arrival of this collection is a significant opportunity to draw new buyers to Montegrappa and writing counters alike.

Our range of bottled inks comprises six colours:

1.Gryffindor Red

2.Ravenclaw Blue

3.Hufflepuff Yellow

4.Slytherin Green

5.Knight Bus Purple

6.Thestral Black

All Harry Potter Inks are packaged in a 50ml bottle featuring a cap engraved with the Hogwarts school shield. The first four inks correspond directly to the colour-coding of the Harry Potter: House Colours collection, and are well known as the colours assigned to each Hogwarts house. The Knight Bus is a purple triple-decker bus that transports stranded members of the wizarding community, while Thestral refers to a sinister-looking breed of winged horse occasionally used for travel. Each colour is labeled and boxed to match the packaging used for previous Harry Potter releases. This series of non-waterproof inks is free-flowing, non-staining and safe for use with all pen brands. Each offers medium lightfastness, without feathering and with reduced bleed