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Galen Leather Slim B5 Notebook / Planner Cover - Crazy Horse Forest Green

Galen Leather Slim B5 Notebook / Planner Cover - Crazy Horse Forest Green

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A leather case that is as simple as possible, without attachments, but stylish and functional. With the experience, we gained from the covers that we have used for years but those cause problems in the functional phase, we have designed the simplest cover. It keeps your notebooks and your favorite pen safe and secure in one place, preventing them from scattering in your bag. Our Handmade Leather B5 Notebook Cover is the perfect way to store your daily essentials for business, study, or personal use.

  • 100% vegetable tanned cow leather - Full Grain
  • In order to make the case more elegant and light, the leather used in this product has been thinned and its surface is full-grain leather.
  • Cotton elastic
  • The elastic pen holder has a semi-leather/semi-elastic design. Thus, an elastic wrap the pen, while a piece of leather is visible from the outside. In addition, due to its stretching feature, pencils of different thicknesses fit. Even the MB 149.
  • When you place the notebook in the case, the piece of leather that comes under the cover is the same size as the notebook. Therefore, there is no difference in elevation on the surface while writing. You write on a flat surface.
  • When the notebook is in the sheath, it does not make a full opening pot thanks to the stretches on the underside of the cover.
  • 2 separate slots for a pen, card, paper, ephemera.