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Ferris Wheel Press Lights on Broadway (38ml) Bottled Ink (Discontinued)

Ferris Wheel Press Lights on Broadway (38ml) Bottled Ink (Discontinued)

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Ink ToneElectric Purple
CharacteristicsBright, eccentric, vibrant

We celebrate the sights and sounds of New York City with three rich and vibrant colors: Grand Central Skies, Nights on Broadway, and Central Park Greens. Commemorating an unforgettable trip to the Big Apple in 2022 - we’ve captured our memories in bright and bold colors that represent FWP’s quintessential NYC experience.

Come with us as we revisit glowing broadway lights of New York City; bask in the nature within a concrete jungle; and take a ride on one of the world’s most iconic transport systems. We hope to inspire your very own wanderings in the city that never sleeps.