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Esterbrook Estie Fountain Pen in Accutron Green Diamondcast

Esterbrook Estie Fountain Pen in Accutron Green Diamondcast

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Accutron and Esterbrook.

The DNA is the same.

Two founders from across the Atlantic, settled in the Northeast.

Guided by ingenuity and the spirit of innovation, they both pursued excellence. 

Their brands represented what was beloved about the past and the great possibilities of the future.

One manufactured watches, the other pens.

They both made history.

The Accutron made its debut in 1960. 

It was launched during the Space Race, revered for its inventiveness, the heart of which was the tuning fork, powered by a one-transistor electronic oscillator circuit, making it one of the first electronic watches manufactured.

In 1858, entrepreneur Richard Esterbrook trademarked his pen company, which would soon become one of the biggest and most beloved pen makers in the world. At its height, Esterbrook was the largest pen manufacturer in the United States employing 600 workers. 

Much of America’s history has been written and created with its pens. U.S. presidents Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon B. Johnson signed legislation with their Esterbrook pens. John F. Kennedy called for the United States to literally reach for the stars by signing documents that promised to land a man on the moon and bring him safely back to earth.

In 2018, the iconic Esterbrook brand was revived to write its next chapter and to introduce it to pen enthusiasts and collectors around the world, once again.  

At the heart of the new Esterbrook is the Estie, designed to be the right pen for all writers. This core range of writing instruments comes in a stable of permanent colors, limited edition seasonal offerings and a premier collection featuring artisanal materials.

Introducing the Estie Accutron. a collaboration that is history in the making. 

This Estie is made from a proprietary Diamond Cast formula in Accutron green blended with gold and diamond dust. Gold-plated trims accentuate this limited-edition collection which delivers in luxury as much as it delivers an exemplary writing experience. 

The Estie Accutron is also made available in limited production traditional fountain pen with a gold-plated nib and engraved logo in a full range of nib sizes. Each pen is equipped with a cushion cap closure to provide a secondary seal to ensure an easy start, nibs specially manufactured for Esterbrook by German maker Jowo and can be inked with any international cartridge or converter