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Esterbrook Camden Northern Lights Fountain Pen - Manitoba Blue

Esterbrook Camden Northern Lights Fountain Pen - Manitoba Blue

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Our pen users are known for making magic whenever they pick up one of our pens. Because of them, we’ve been inspired to look for magic all around us. In doing so, what’s a more mystical, whimsical place than those broad stretches of arctic where the Northern Lights shine?

Produced by solar winds in the magnetic field within Earth’s atmosphere, the Northern Lights create a dazzling, dancing curtain of color that has entranced Vikings a millennia ago – and tourists today.

You don’t have to travel to Iceland or Svalbard to get a glimpse – we’re bringing the Aurora Borealis right to your desk. Our new Camden model is our interpretation of the cosmic phenomenon. This online-exclusive is set in beautiful and contrasting hues reminiscent of the Lights, with a touch of “stardust” using DiamondCast technology. This will surely be a welcomed Winter treat in the dog days of Summer that await us.

Pens are available in EF-Stub using a #6 nib. The Camden model is a classic design that’s more shaped than the Estie and perfect for everyday use.