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Diamine Pink Ice (50ml) Bottled Ink (Shimmering) - Red Edition

Diamine Pink Ice (50ml) Bottled Ink (Shimmering) - Red Edition

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The Diamine Red Edition Pink Ice Bottled Ink was originally released as part of their 2021 Inkvent Calendar of 25 inks. Contained in 50ml glass bottles this rosy pink fountain pen ink with icy pink shimmer is categorized under Shimmering inks.

Red Edition Sheening inks include: Black Ivy, Garland, Ruby Blues, and Winter Spice.

Red Edition Shimmering inks include: All the Best, Garland, Party Time, Pink Ice,
Stargazer, Storm, Subzero, Tempest, Vintage Copper, and Winter Spice.

A little about Diamine:

Diamine is manufactured in England since 1864 and are water-based, acid-free, non-toxic as well as vegan-friendly.