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Conklin 1898 Misto Rollerball - Orange

Conklin 1898 Misto Rollerball - Orange

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Misto™ - The art of resin mixing. From liquid to solids using the latest advanced techniques. The Conklin Pen Company® is proud to introduce a brand new, beautiful pen collection – Conklin 1898 in Misto™ colors. In Italian Misto means “mixed” or “mixed together”, which refers to the NEW unique resin mix of various multiple colors for each pen. Mixing resins for luxury pens requires precision and attention to detail to achieve a superior and aesthetically pleasing result.

The process is started by selecting a high-quality liquid resin, choosing suitable color combinations, and following a precise step by step process of mixing the colors together. Mixing different resin colors can prove to be quite challenging for several reasons. First, the varying opacity and translucency of the colors can interact in unexpected ways, making it difficult to predict the final color outcome. Additionally, the highly concentrated pigments used in resin can lead to unpredictable color variations, requiring careful consideration of proportions. Managing the curing time becomes crucial when working with multiple colors, as it may extend the resin's working window. Achieving the right color balance poses yet another obstacle, as each color's intensity may differ. Mastering the mix requires painstaking attention to detail, shaping the final outcome through trial and error. The colors, with their distinct characteristics, can play unpredictable tricks, defying initial expectations. Countless attempts were made to balance pigments and proportion, leading to finally achieving desired one of a kind variations. Moreover, environmental factors like temperature and humidity can influence the curing process, adding further complexity to the task. The introduction of air bubbles during mixing can also drastically impact the resin's final appearance. It is essential to gain experience and practice with small test batches before embarking on a larger project, understanding how different colors interact and ensuring compatibility between them. With patience and perseverance, one can overcome these challenges and create stunning, infinite combinations of resin artworks with skillful color mixing techniques. Conklin 1898 is inspired by the rich heritage of the Conklin brand, designed with comfort and durability in mind.

This collection is suited to individuals looking for a well-sized, cigar shaped pen that provides a larger surface area for a comfortable grip while writing. Offered in three beautiful misto colors: Green, Purple, and Orange, with unique color blends where no two pens are alike. Purple and Orange colors accented with a rose gold trim, meanwhile, Green features a chrome trim, to further highlight the unique color blends of each pen. All writing instruments feature a cap ring with a Conklin original vintage pattern, initially used on the first self-filling pens produced by the company back in 1898. The ring also features the year the legendary Conklin pen company was founded by Roy Conklin in Toledo, Ohio. Together, these elements pay homage to the vintage Conklin era and its extraordinary legacy in the world of writing instruments. Lastly, each pen features Conklin’s distinctive “rocker style” clips, designed for a smooth clip-on action. 

Our quality control team tests each nib individually to ensure top quality writing performance. The fountain pen uses reliable international cartridges, a threaded converter (supplied), and the rollerball accepts standard international rollerball refill. Each Conklin brand writing instrument is housed in a luxury gift box with custom sleeve. Conklin 1898 collection is an ideal gift for any person in your life or for yourself, whether it’s used in their professional lives, home offices, or daily journaling.