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Colorverse Hippocamp & Comet SL9 (65ml + 15ml) Bottled Ink Set

Colorverse Hippocamp & Comet SL9 (65ml + 15ml) Bottled Ink Set

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Colorverse No. 92 Hippocamp:

  • 65ml
  • Dye Based Fountain Pen Ink
  • RGB Color: 60, 117, 180
  • Web Color: #3C7484
  • Pantone Color: 660 C
  • Surface Tension: 55.1
  • PH: 7.4

Colorverse No.93 Comet SL9:

  • 15ml
  • Dye Based Fountain Pen Ink
  • RGB Color: 190, 120, 104
  • Web Color: #BE7868
  • Pantone Color: 4038 C
  • Surface Tension: 54.8
  • PH: 8.2

Colorverse Season 7 - Eye on the Universe is a collection of amazing interstellar inks inspired from the findings of the Hubble telescope. In six exciting 65ml + 15ml sets, these inks introduce new, intense color variations, opening a new door to what is possible from fountain pen ink. 

With multiple colors coming through in one ink, your writing will never be the same. Multiple shades, sheens and colors illuminate in one single stroke of a pen, creating never before seen color combinations. This season looks to be one of the most popular season Coloverse has introduced.

A little about Colorverse inks:

Premium quality materials
Colorverse inks are made of globally recognized premium quality colorants that are highly pure to produce vivid and clear colors. Their exceptional solubility is great for use for fountain pens.

Clean and safe natural materials
Unlike some other brands, Colorverse uses plant-original natural material for their colorants and solvents instead of high-molecular synthetic materials. As a result, the inks are free of chemical orders such as alcohols, which allows the writer to avoid unpleasant odors.

Smooth writing and beautiful colors
Colorverse ink writes smoothly in various kinds of pens and dries quickly on paper.
You can also feel the beautiful natural colors of natural materials.

Competent makers
Created by a group of makers with years of experience and knowhow, the produce ink that is treated for hydration with antibacterial properties, while maintaining the optimal ph 7-8 (neutral) level for quality. This keeps the ink from easily drying or deteriorating when filled in a fountain pen.