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Colorverse Kingdom Heungcheong Mangcheong (30ml) Bottled Ink

Colorverse Kingdom Heungcheong Mangcheong (30ml) Bottled Ink

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As the second story of the Kingdom series, the first iteration captured the six king's dynasty of Cho-Sun who made great achievements, while the four colors capture the story of a tyrant king's and the dark side of the Cho-Sun Dynasty in Korea.

"Gyeyu jeongnan" refers to a case in which the seventh king (Sejo) of Cho-Sun seized power through murder for the throne. Inspired by this incident, it combined cold gray with red glistening to express a cold and cruel period.

The 10th king of Cho-Sun (Yeonsan-gun), an icon of tyranny and debauchery, the ink is created with red ink with a dark blood-like color while expressing the pleasure of Yeonsangun enjoying a party.

There was a court lady who was favored by Gwanghaegun, the 15th king of Cho-Sun, and exercised power with this favor on her back. It is the color of the clothes that the court lady called "ga hui" wore.

"Jeongchuk haseong" refers to an incident in which the 16th king (Injo) of the Cho-Sun Dynasty, bowed to the Qing Dynasty as a sign of surrender in the war. Colorverse was inspired by the clothes worn by King Injo at that time. The Injo's feeling who endured the humiliation and bowed was expressed in cold, Blue-Black ink.