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BENU Talisman Fountain Pen - Dream Bean

BENU Talisman Fountain Pen - Dream Bean

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New - July 2022

The African Dream Bean is a climbing vine native to southern Africa, which is used in various ways by traditional communities. However, this curious plant is perhaps most notorious for its ability to induce lucid dreams that enable communication with the spirit world. Some African tribes also use the Dream Bean’s chocolate- colored seeds as amulets or good luck charms, stringing them together to create pieces of jewelry. Always fans of exploring the world’s curiosities and turning them into works of art, we’ve chosen this mystical plant as inspiration to our latest BENU creation.

Available writing modes: fountain pen

Material: acrylic

Сlip material stainless: stainless steel

Length Weight: 13.8 cm / 5.43 inches 21 g

Cap: screw-on, can be posted

Refill: international standard long cartridges or converters (72 mm / 2.8 inches)

Fountain pen nib: stainless steel Schmidt nib, size #6

Available nib width: Fine, Medium, Broad